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First Class Aviation Services (FCAS) is a world-class company that provides you with services for all your aviation needs. FCAS is a renowned aviation support service provider which has been excelling as a service provider for years in Saudi Arabia and worldwide.

We at FCAS have been providing our customers with top-notch best-in-class services for your aircraft. Be it maintenance for your aircraft wheels, brakes, batteries and supporting your inquiries for any aircraft spare parts, we are known to provide nothing but the best!

Over the years, FCAS has been committed to enhance the aviation services industry in Saudi Arabia. We have touched upon many areas of the aviation industry and have played a significant role in maintaining and following industry standards. 


First Class Aviation Services is a well-known company in the aviation industry in Saudi Arabia. Over the years, we have grown to this reputation and recognition owing to our dedication, constant efforts, and the high-quality standard output we have delivered to our customers.

At FCAS, you can find all the different types of services for aircraft right in one place without having to worry about the procedure followed, approach, or output.

Here is why to choose FCAS as your aviation support service provider:

  • . Professional work ethics and approach.
  • . All types of aviation support services are under one roof.
  • . Experienced engineers & Professionals.
  • . Following industry standards and protocols.
  • . Customer-first approach.
  • . Satisfaction guaranteed.